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Earl Nightingale said, “Start today doing what you really want to do in your life. Your dream. Your goal. Your desired destiny. Work it on it for one hour every day for 5 years. You’ll become a recognized expert when you do.”

Some will. Some won’t.


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By Michael Murphy

In the dense forest of Familiarland,
there a mighty tree did stand.
The tree was an oak, brave and strong,
Sparrows made perch, and sang their song.
The forest grew wild, with no control,
and the animals there, lived free to stroll.

One fine day an acorn did fall,
The beginnings of greatness, begin so small,
As the acorn lay on the floor alone,
The storms came fierce, the shell did moan.
Then came the rot, unfolding the plot,
Of the circle of life, which soon be wrought.

Though decay seemed to have its hold,
It soon sprang forth so brave and bold,
And out of the shell the seed did fall,
To begin the path, to grow straight and tall.

Into the soil and under the ground,
The oak found the place from which to bound.
As the sapling started to reach up high,
The sun reached down to bring it nigh.

The struggle, the heat, the wind, the cold,
The future now clear, waiting to behold,
In the warmth of the spring time sky,
The oak did climb, tho small and shy.

And then one day, in Familiarland,
There a mighty tree did stand.
That tree was an oak, brave and strong,
Sparrows made perch and sang their song.

There are oaks in acorns, considering their plight,
Life’s brought its toll, its fears, its fight,
But lying deep aside the fright,
The vision awaits in the inward sight.

Within your soul, you may feel torn,
Facing life’s toils, and its daunting scorn,
Within your heart, you’re waiting to be born,
You are the great oak, asleep in the acorn.


Everyday Blessings

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I took my mother’s new car to get her oil changed yesterday at the place on the southwest corner of West Houston and Tolbert Street. It was the most excellent service I guess I’ve ever encountered. The main technician there is a certified mechanic. A guy, I’m guessing about 30 years old. Lots of tattoos and very knowledgeable about cars. He pointed out that the car would require Dexos oil, a synthetic blend. He got out the car’s manual and showed me that if they didn’t use Dexos, it would void the warranty of the car. He gave me a ton of info about the motor of the car. Where to put oil (always easy to I.D. on top of the motor), where to refill the windshield washer, brake fluid, etc. He let me know that the transmission fluid is sealed and showed me where they would fill it (with a pump) if needed. Talked to me about the brake system. Let me know that Dexos only needs to be changed every 5,000 miles and much more. Inside, as I waited, they offered me a complimentary soft drink. Also, Castrol was doing some kind of give-away for a soccer ball. The guy said he’d send it in for me and to expect it to come via UPS. The place is owned by Ozzy who owns the Sunshine Exxon across the street on Sunset. They vacuumed the front floorboard and cleaned my windshield. They have recently opened and don’t have a lot of business, yet. Oh, before I left, I mentioned that I live in China. He greeted me in Mandarin and also later said ‘goodbye’ to me in Chinese. Very impressive.

After I finished there, I went next door to wash the car. I noticed a very new, beautiful black on black Dodge near me at the vacuum bays. I noticed a very attractive lady doing a very thorough job of cleaning her car. I didn’t stare at her (my mother and father raised me better than that , but I certainly did notice the car. Very nice. She noticed me looking her way and smiled and said ‘hello.’ I greeted her back and told her that she was doing a great job of cleaning the car. I said, “I’ve never seen a woman attack a car so much while cleaning it.” She laughed and said, “Well, this is how I roll.” We both laughed. I mentioned that the tires were dressed well. She told me that she used ArmorAll and offered to let me use it on my mom’s car. I declined but thanked her for her offer. Interestingly enough, I could tell she wanted to talk. So she asked about ‘my’ car. I told her that it is my mother’s car and I was visiting my mother and tried to do what I could to help her out. She said, “Ahhhhh, good man.” I laughed and said, “I think so.” She then asked me where I live and I told her, “China.” Of course she was intrigued and we talked a lot longer. I noticed a baby seat in the back and asked her if she had a child. She did and told me all about her baby. She said that she has a 8 month old girl but that her husband had been killed in truck driving accident in Missouri shortly after the little girl was born. I gave her my condolences. She thanked me and told me that she would make a great life for her and her child. I said, “I can tell that you approach life with a positive attitude.” She did and started quoting Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. She said they both helped her get through what she’s gone through. We talked longer, but was definitely able to share a lot of faith and happiness.

It is interesting that when you choose to look at the world in a positive, caring and loving way, you attract others who are the same. My experiences with people and life are quite positive the vast majority of the time. I think it is due to my choosing a positive attitude and, my love for people. When you have a positive attitude, things go better for you. I’ve proved this time and time again and am convinced of its truth.

Don’t Think That’s Right?

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Hey Friend,

Have you ever thought that you
shouldn’t do something because
someone told you, “(your name),
that’s not right.” Perhaps someone
has heard you talk about something
you planned to do and said to you,
“(your name), I think that’s wrong!”

Rather than concerning myself with
other people’s opinions about what is
‘right and wrong’, I’ve learned to
seek that which ‘works.’ I’ve talked
to some who get very fearful when I
talk about this approach to life and
certain issues.

The bottom line, a certain thing ‘works’
if it promotes goodness and the welfare,
both short term and long term, of everyone

I’ve seen a lot of people doing what
someone has told them is ‘right’, but,
it never produces any positive or progressive
results. So just to do something because
someone has an Opinion that their way is
‘right’, isn’t a very wise thing for you
to do.

Zig Ziglar tells the story of a lady who
used to cut about a half inch off of a
ham before she put into a pan to bake it.

When someone asked her ‘why’ she did this,
she said, “My mother always told me that
it was the ‘right’ way to cook a ham.”

Her mother had since passed away so she
went to an aunt who knew all of her mother’s
recipes and followed them to the letter.
She asked the aunt why her mother always
cut the ends off of the ham as she did
each time before baking it.

Her aunt told her, “Honey your mother cut
those ends off because her pan wasn’t big
enough to hold the entire ham.”

Likely, her mother was indicating everything
else she did with the ham was the proper
way to prepare it. However, since she had
seen her cut off the ends, she always followed

How many times have you believed something to
be true, only to find out later that it was
wrong? I’m guessing that it has happened.

Say this right now,

“I choose to expect and look for ways to
accomplish my goals which produce the results
that I want.”
“(your name), you choose to expect and look
for ways to accomplish your goals which produce
the results that you want.”
“(your name) (your last name) chooses to expect
and look for ways to accomplish her/his goals
which produce the results that they want.”

(your name), what you should be doing in your
life is seeking ways that succeed and get you
more of what you intend in your life.

Someone once said, “Insanity is to continue
doing things the way you’ve always done them
expecting different results.”

Think about it.

To your daily success,

Michael Murphy

How To Attract Health, Wealth And Love With Powerfirmations

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Perhaps you have found this blog because of something
that you’ve been seeking for a long time. Maybe you didn’t
find this ‘by chance’; but, you found it because this could
be exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’ve looked for
answers, perhaps, to get you ‘unstuck’ in your life.

Take the time right now to get focused. Open your heart
and mind and find out.

Have you noticed how emotion plays such a huge part
when you hear things that you either strongly agree or
strongly disagree with? Yes?

Do you agree that words are powerful and can have a
massive impact on how you feel? Do you find it true
that emotions often determine actions? Like right now.
As you sit there wondering what this blog is all about,
you are wondering if anything is going interest you
or perhaps even ‘help you’ that is written here.

What you SAY to yourself, in your own mind, determines
how you FEEL about your life. How you feel about your
life determines what you DO about your life. What you
DO about your life determines what you GET in your life.

It is structured something like this.

SAY -> FEEL -> DO -> GET

At the end of that short trail, you either find that you are
better off, happy, fulfilled, satisfied or not.

What if I called your name right now and followed with,
“(your name) is a phenomenal human being” or “(your name),
has a huge heart” or “(your name), is a genius and highly

How do those words make you feel? Go back up there (if you
haven’t already) and insert your name and say those things
about yourself. Feels good? Perhaps you just thought, ‘I can
say those things but I know they aren’t true. They are in
fact a lie.” Of course, you would be stating that how you’ve
been in the past, what you’ve done in your past and the
experiences you’ve had in your past, all add up to ‘who you
are now.’ That doesn’t mean that is who you will be tomorrow.

But, whether you agree with any of those statements in making
your assessment of yourself or not, if you pay close attention
and are honest, there is at least something in them that makes
you feel a little better even if only for a moment.

I believe that you deserve to feel good in your life. I believe that
you deserve to feel good about yourself. In fact, in the same
pursuit that I make in helping myself to feel better about myself
and about my life, I look for ways to help others do the same.

You may wonder why you aren’t and don’t get the things that you
truly want down deep inside. The simple answer is, you don’t tell
yourself things that are positive about yourself. In fact, I will dare
say that you don’t even make an honest assessment of great
qualities and attributes that you KNOW that you have.

A guy came up to me recently at an event that I was speaking at.
He asked me, “Michael, why do I do the dumb things that I do
and keep getting what I don’t want in my life rather than get what
I do want.” You see, the problem is that he is focusing on what he
doesn’t want. His mental rehearsals have been of what he doesn’t
want rather than what he does want.

What’s good about your life right now? Nothing? O.k. What has
ever been good about your life? Hit the ‘rewind’ button and go
back to the times when things were good. How did you feel back
then? What were you saying to yourself back then?

Remember the simple pattern and equation.

SAY -> FEEL -> DO -> GET

Now, I’m putting out a challenge to you. Let’s change the script.
Let’s change the script to get the results that YOU DO WANT
instead of repeating the ones that you don’t want.

Powerful Questions To Rehearse. Remember, you’re onstage.
You control the script. Whatever you rehearse is exactly
what you’ll perform in real life.

Start asking yourself these questions:

1. Why do I always do the right things, at the right time, with
the right people and get the results that I want?

2. Why do things always go my way? It seems so much happens
for me that brings me everything that I want. Why is that?

3. Why does everything I do seem to turn into money or, in
many cases, things that money can’t buy?

4. Why do I just seem to naturally attract the love, relationships,
companionship that fulfills me and makes my life so rich?

5. Why does everything seem to be right on cue in my life?
I mean, why is it that everything shows up at the right time,
in the right amounts and in the most perfect way?

You think these questions are crazy? No. If you’ve been
doing what I described above, that is, you keep doing the
same things, asking the same questions and are expecting
for everything to fall in place and your life to become wonderful,
THAT, my friend, is insanity.

Get the idea? Here’s what is happening when you begin to
ask yourself questions like these.

When you ask yourself (subconscious mind) ‘WHY’, it goes
to work at providing you an answer. Think about it.

The person who is sitting there in all their gloom and doom,
really bad stuff happening all around them, is asking, “WHY ME?”
As a result of asking this, in the coming week, they attract
even more bad stuff into their life to add to the pile of crap
that has already piled up and is stinking to high heaven in
their lives.

Why not reverse the ‘why’ questions to what you want versus
what you don’t want any more of? Asking yourself ‘why me’
has never worked in producing better results unless, of course,
it is worded towards what you DO want rather than what you
don’t want in your life.

If you’ve found this blog and have read this far, you are here
for a reason. Perhaps this is the VERY thing that you’ve been
looking for. Perhaps this is the PERFECT teaching that you’ve
needed to give you the answers you’ve long been seeking.

If you find this to be helpful and/or life changing, write me
and let me know. I’ve watched it work miracles in hundreds
of lives. But the one I’m focused on most, right now, in this
moment, is yours.

Feel Better Now!

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Yes, you can!

As every word travels from this message on
your computer screen, through your eyes and
into your brain, you will begin to feel something.

Something is about to take place inside of
your mind that will shift how you feel. Allow
yourself to notice this silent shift.

Whatever it is that you been wondering
about your future and the deepest passion
you have down inside of you, I’m here to
tell you that IT CAN HAPPEN IN YOUR

Use these two simple words that I learned
from the great Les Brown.

“Its Possible!”

Say this out loud while holding in your
mind your dream and desire.

“I feel that its possible!
(your first name) you do feel that its
(your first and last name) feels
that its possible!”

Make this a habit,  each time you
think of your dream and desire.

And know this.


Believe in yourself!

Your friend,

Michael Murphy

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and $30 away from your biggest success ever,
right now. I was told about an amazing
opportunity that is going to give me a monthly
5 figure income in less than 9 months. You
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How To Reach Your Goals, Faster!!

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have ‘the magic, Midas touch’ when it comes to success? I mean people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett? Why do some people seem to just have to breathe in order to make millions of dollars?

Discover the process that will turn your slow moving steam engine into a powerful bullet train that runs on air, gliding along at 130 miles per hour and never feeling a bump. Here’s how.

Step 1:
Decide what you want. A huge problem is discovering and knowing what you want in life. It took me 3 decades to figure it out for myself. Some people don’t really discover what they want to do and be in life until they reach retirement age. Then others, like my good friend, Dr. Rick Wren, knew early on in life that he wanted to be a chiropractor and healer of people. Most adults are trying figure out what they want to be and do in life from a place of limitations. They’ve likely experienced some of the hard knocks in life and have adjusted what they believe is possible, down in their minds.

Some key questions are,

1. What did you dream about being and doing as a child?

2. What would you do if money were not an object (or obstacle)?

3. What would you do if you that you could not fail? These are very empowering questions in discovering what you truly want to achieve in your life.

Step 2:

Read great books. Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones, world renown author and amazing motivator says, “The two things that determine where you’ll be 5 years from now is, the books that you read and the people that you meet.” One of the most revealing means to achieving any goal faster and easier is to model successful people. The very best way to do this is through their books, articles, video programs and audio programs.

Today, there are literally thousands of books to help you achieve virtually anything that you want. There are books on building businesses. I’ve seen books on building everything from being a feng shui consultant, helping people to bring order to their homes and life to, becoming a movie director in Hollywood. The key is being able to find the resources that you need in order to do and/or become what you want.

Step 3:

Find a mentor (or coach) and follow them. This is the most vital point in achieving your goals and dream fast in your life. You will find very few people who have achieved true greatness in life who didn’t have a model to follow. The key here is, find someone who has already been successful and make them your mentor or life coach.

Now, you might be thinking that you can’t exactly go and get Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Chuck Norris, T. Harv Eker or some other highly successful person to coach you. But you can read their books and find online resources that will give you access to their books, videos, audios, articles and more. One website has been setup for this very purpose. It is called Mentor’s Club. You can find it through the website http://www.makebigmoney.com . You’ll find that for the cost of one or two books per month, you can get thousands of hours of training, inspiration, motivation and coaching from some of the greatest teachers and trainers of success in the world.

Follow these simple steps while applying massive action to your goals and you’ll see their fulfillment faster.

Who’s The Fool?

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(Note: This story was written and submitted for publication in the Chicken Soup For The Soul’s ‘Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments’)


I used to live in a small town named, Howe, Texas. Just about 50 miles due north of Dallas. I worked as a commercial construction project manager for a company in the nearby town of Sherman.

It was one very cold December morning, just before dawn that I pulled into the corner Exxon station to fill up my pickup truck’s tank with gasoline. I was barely awake when I got out and placed the gas dispenser into the tank.

I’ve always been a bit impatient and decided to go ahead and go inside, where it was warm, while the pump continued to fill the tank.

After the tank was filled and the pump had clicked off, I paid for the gas and went back out and got into my truck. As I started to pull away, the engine of my truck died. I immediately wrote it off as being the very tight clutch on my standard transmission.

There were a half a dozen or more teenagers standing there laughing at me. I thought that a bit odd and rude but more or less smiled back at them, restarted my truck, accelerated a little more than normal and drove away.

As I drove down the road, I started defending my tight clutch on my truck as I was dealing with just having been laughed at by a group of teenagers. I went down the list of reasoning why they were so amused at my truck dying. I basically blew it off to foolish kids in a small town who were somewhat cruel to an older guy in an old truck that didn’t run too well.

I proceeded onto the freeway and drove about 3-4 more miles, headed for my job in Sherman. Much to my surprise, a car pulls alongside me and and the man inside begins to feverishly honk his horn at me. I gave him a look that basically said, “Now what does this idiot want?”

He was pointing at the side of my truck and at that moment, I looked into my outside rear-view mirror and notice the gas hose and dispenser still in my tank as if I were still pumping gas into my truck. Suddenly I realized who had been the fool and the idiot. I stopped and took the dispenser out of my gas tank, drove back to the gas station and carried it inside.

A dozen or more farmers were waiting inside, each one hysterically laughing at me as I handed the hose and dispenser to the clerk and said, “I think this belongs to you.” She was quite gracious and said asked for my name and address so they could send me the $50 bill to repair their gas pump. All that was left for me to do was to join in the hysterical laughter of the farmers and teenagers.

My Dad Won!

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Its a funny thing that an inexpensive watch from the local Wal-Mart lets me know that my dad is still here.

I was born in Sherman, Texas, and raised here during the tumultuous 60s and 70s. My dad started working for the Sherman post office the year I was born. It was the only job I ever knew him to have, all of my life. My dad was pretty strict on the three of us kids as we grew up.

He ‘made’ us go to church. He let us know what behavior he’d tolerate and what he wouldn’t tolerate. I was the last of three children all born just three years apart (bless my mother’s heart). Being just 354 days difference between me and my older sister, you could easily figure out that I wasn’t exactly ‘planned’ to arrive when I was born.

Being as one who was born outside of the plan, I found my courage to be a bit of a rebel and even stand up against much of what my dad wanted me to do. Especially in my teenage years. I waged verbal and willful war with my dad.

Sometimes I wonder if it was insanity on my part or pure courage to challenge him regarding his strict discipline and my determined spirit to not want to play along. Nonetheless, even though he always got his way, it was not without a challenge from my smart mouth and stubborn attitude.

My dad did something, when I was a sophomore at Sherman High School, that more or less blew my mind. I had just received my driver’s license and my dad sat down and had a talk with me. He told me, “Mike, you’re 6’3” tall, you have your driver’s license and I want you to know that I’m not going to hassle you about going to church, about coming in whenever you want and about much of your behavior. I can’t handle you anymore.’”

I interpreted that to be my ticket to freedom. I was free to grow my hair as long as I wanted and hang out with whoever I chose. I could come and go as I pleased and do whatever mischief I decided was fun and exciting to do.

The funny thing is, that very act of my dad ‘letting me go’ was the biggest turnaround in my life. I suddenly had an epiphany that in a few years, I was going to be 18 years old and out on my own. I straightened up, started attending church on my own and later became a minister for 15 years at the very church that my dad had forced me attend.

My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the early 90s. He rapidly got to the place where he couldn’t function in any normal fashion and ended up in a series of nursing homes in the area. It was when he was in a facility at Whitewright, Texas, that my sister and I began conducting a weekly inspirational chapel service for all of the residents and patients there.

One day, I was there with him alone and he asked me to buy him a new watch after we had lunch. As was usual in our relationship, I challenged him and asked him, “Dad, why do you need a watch? There are clocks everywhere around here and you aren’t going anywhere. Why, for heavens sakes, do you need a watch?” His only answer was, “Mike, you never know why I might need a watch.”

As simple as that conversation may have seemed at the time, it has taken on a significance that I would have never dreamed of.

I took him from the nursing home that day and we went to have lunch at one of his favorite places, ‘The Rib’, east of Denison, Texas. After we finished eating, I drove him to the Denison Wal-Mart and bought my dad a new watch. He insisted that he go in and pick it out.

It has been over 5 years now since my dad transitioned from this life to the next one. On November 7, 2002, I was taking an insurance class at my church when my secretary called me into the hallway. She informed me that my dad had just died. It was no surprise even though you can never be prepared for those words. We buried his mortal remains on Monday, November 11th.

Pat Dannel, of Dannel Funeral Home in Sherman, allowed me into the room with dad’s earthly shell the day after his death. She gave me an envelope that possessed the few personal belongings that he had at his death. The watch I bought him was among those possessions.

For whatever reason, dad had the alarm on the watch to go off at 3 p.m. everyday. I put it in a drawer in my office at my home. Till this very day, over 5 years after his death, that alarm still goes off every afternoon. While other battery operated watches I own, have had their batteries replaced 2-3 times, that battery has never run down or been replaced.

I am grateful to him for having the wisdom to do what he did in letting me go as a teenager. That very act probably saved my life and allowed me to mature into who I am today. Everyday at 3 p.m., I hear that alarm and know that my dad is still with me. In my heart and mind, I simply smile and say to him, “Yes, I know you’re still here. And yes, dad, you won.” I know now why I bought him THAT watch, that day.

As A Man Thanketh, So Is He

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The attitude of gratitude is one that most people are discovering.
Some are even applying to their lives.

There is an incredible, magical quality of expressing thanks for what you have and want in your life. It releases certain brain chemistry that helps you to focus on the thing that you’re thankful for. Your brain just naturally works that way.

In fact, just repeating the phrase, ‘thank you’, several times, gets you into a more positive state of mind. It happens almost

Here’s a major key in getting things that you want in your life.

Make a list of what you are thankful for. Number it 1. to whatever. Then sit in a quiet place and focus on that list. Allow the thoughts of gratitude trigger emotions deep inside.

See how that feels.

What you focus on and what you feel, you attract more of into your life. It is a natural process and one not hard to do.

I’ve found that most people do not do this on a regular basis because they’ve never been told or taught to do it.

You could read hundreds of pages of self help books (including my Powerful Attitudes book) and not learn anything that is any more powerful than simply learning to give thanks.

Here’s a few objections or roadblocks that I hear many people talk about in doing this.

1. I can’t be grateful for bad things in my life.

To a certain extent, I agree with this. However, I can give thanks that I made it through alive. I can give thanks that it didn’t kill me (and if it killed you, well, you’re not
reading this :).

2. I can’t be grateful for someone who did something to me to try and hurt me.

I also agree that it would be insane to give thanks and actually be grateful for someone hurting you in your life. Again, focus back on the fact that they didn’t completely ‘take you out’. As the song goes, ‘I’m still standing!’
Be thankful that the strength showed up for you to keep on going.

3. I can’t be thankful for wars, starvation and so many injustices in the world.

Again, I agree. It would be insane to be grateful that so many bad things happen in the world. Yet, again, you can be thankful that you are in a place of safety now. That you aren’t in harms way. And if you are in harms way, then you can be thankful that you’ve been protected so far.

Remember, whatever you ‘thank’ in your life, you attract more of.

This is a simple principle. It is one that is easy to try.

I challenge you to try it beginning today. Get started.

Try it for a week. See how you feel. You’ll want to continue.