How To Attract Health, Wealth And Love With Powerfirmations
April 20, 2008

Perhaps you have found this blog because of something
that you’ve been seeking for a long time. Maybe you didn’t
find this ‘by chance’; but, you found it because this could
be exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’ve looked for
answers, perhaps, to get you ‘unstuck’ in your life.

Take the time right now to get focused. Open your heart
and mind and find out.

Have you noticed how emotion plays such a huge part
when you hear things that you either strongly agree or
strongly disagree with? Yes?

Do you agree that words are powerful and can have a
massive impact on how you feel? Do you find it true
that emotions often determine actions? Like right now.
As you sit there wondering what this blog is all about,
you are wondering if anything is going interest you
or perhaps even ‘help you’ that is written here.

What you SAY to yourself, in your own mind, determines
how you FEEL about your life. How you feel about your
life determines what you DO about your life. What you
DO about your life determines what you GET in your life.

It is structured something like this.

SAY -> FEEL -> DO -> GET

At the end of that short trail, you either find that you are
better off, happy, fulfilled, satisfied or not.

What if I called your name right now and followed with,
“(your name) is a phenomenal human being” or “(your name),
has a huge heart” or “(your name), is a genius and highly

How do those words make you feel? Go back up there (if you
haven’t already) and insert your name and say those things
about yourself. Feels good? Perhaps you just thought, ‘I can
say those things but I know they aren’t true. They are in
fact a lie.” Of course, you would be stating that how you’ve
been in the past, what you’ve done in your past and the
experiences you’ve had in your past, all add up to ‘who you
are now.’ That doesn’t mean that is who you will be tomorrow.

But, whether you agree with any of those statements in making
your assessment of yourself or not, if you pay close attention
and are honest, there is at least something in them that makes
you feel a little better even if only for a moment.

I believe that you deserve to feel good in your life. I believe that
you deserve to feel good about yourself. In fact, in the same
pursuit that I make in helping myself to feel better about myself
and about my life, I look for ways to help others do the same.

You may wonder why you aren’t and don’t get the things that you
truly want down deep inside. The simple answer is, you don’t tell
yourself things that are positive about yourself. In fact, I will dare
say that you don’t even make an honest assessment of great
qualities and attributes that you KNOW that you have.

A guy came up to me recently at an event that I was speaking at.
He asked me, “Michael, why do I do the dumb things that I do
and keep getting what I don’t want in my life rather than get what
I do want.” You see, the problem is that he is focusing on what he
doesn’t want. His mental rehearsals have been of what he doesn’t
want rather than what he does want.

What’s good about your life right now? Nothing? O.k. What has
ever been good about your life? Hit the ‘rewind’ button and go
back to the times when things were good. How did you feel back
then? What were you saying to yourself back then?

Remember the simple pattern and equation.

SAY -> FEEL -> DO -> GET

Now, I’m putting out a challenge to you. Let’s change the script.
Let’s change the script to get the results that YOU DO WANT
instead of repeating the ones that you don’t want.

Powerful Questions To Rehearse. Remember, you’re onstage.
You control the script. Whatever you rehearse is exactly
what you’ll perform in real life.

Start asking yourself these questions:

1. Why do I always do the right things, at the right time, with
the right people and get the results that I want?

2. Why do things always go my way? It seems so much happens
for me that brings me everything that I want. Why is that?

3. Why does everything I do seem to turn into money or, in
many cases, things that money can’t buy?

4. Why do I just seem to naturally attract the love, relationships,
companionship that fulfills me and makes my life so rich?

5. Why does everything seem to be right on cue in my life?
I mean, why is it that everything shows up at the right time,
in the right amounts and in the most perfect way?

You think these questions are crazy? No. If you’ve been
doing what I described above, that is, you keep doing the
same things, asking the same questions and are expecting
for everything to fall in place and your life to become wonderful,
THAT, my friend, is insanity.

Get the idea? Here’s what is happening when you begin to
ask yourself questions like these.

When you ask yourself (subconscious mind) ‘WHY’, it goes
to work at providing you an answer. Think about it.

The person who is sitting there in all their gloom and doom,
really bad stuff happening all around them, is asking, “WHY ME?”
As a result of asking this, in the coming week, they attract
even more bad stuff into their life to add to the pile of crap
that has already piled up and is stinking to high heaven in
their lives.

Why not reverse the ‘why’ questions to what you want versus
what you don’t want any more of? Asking yourself ‘why me’
has never worked in producing better results unless, of course,
it is worded towards what you DO want rather than what you
don’t want in your life.

If you’ve found this blog and have read this far, you are here
for a reason. Perhaps this is the VERY thing that you’ve been
looking for. Perhaps this is the PERFECT teaching that you’ve
needed to give you the answers you’ve long been seeking.

If you find this to be helpful and/or life changing, write me
and let me know. I’ve watched it work miracles in hundreds
of lives. But the one I’m focused on most, right now, in this
moment, is yours.