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As A Man Thanketh, So Is He
November 7, 2007

The attitude of gratitude is one that most people are discovering.
Some are even applying to their lives.

There is an incredible, magical quality of expressing thanks for what you have and want in your life. It releases certain brain chemistry that helps you to focus on the thing that you’re thankful for. Your brain just naturally works that way.

In fact, just repeating the phrase, ‘thank you’, several times, gets you into a more positive state of mind. It happens almost

Here’s a major key in getting things that you want in your life.

Make a list of what you are thankful for. Number it 1. to whatever. Then sit in a quiet place and focus on that list. Allow the thoughts of gratitude trigger emotions deep inside.

See how that feels.

What you focus on and what you feel, you attract more of into your life. It is a natural process and one not hard to do.

I’ve found that most people do not do this on a regular basis because they’ve never been told or taught to do it.

You could read hundreds of pages of self help books (including my Powerful Attitudes book) and not learn anything that is any more powerful than simply learning to give thanks.

Here’s a few objections or roadblocks that I hear many people talk about in doing this.

1. I can’t be grateful for bad things in my life.

To a certain extent, I agree with this. However, I can give thanks that I made it through alive. I can give thanks that it didn’t kill me (and if it killed you, well, you’re not
reading this :).

2. I can’t be grateful for someone who did something to me to try and hurt me.

I also agree that it would be insane to give thanks and actually be grateful for someone hurting you in your life. Again, focus back on the fact that they didn’t completely ‘take you out’. As the song goes, ‘I’m still standing!’
Be thankful that the strength showed up for you to keep on going.

3. I can’t be thankful for wars, starvation and so many injustices in the world.

Again, I agree. It would be insane to be grateful that so many bad things happen in the world. Yet, again, you can be thankful that you are in a place of safety now. That you aren’t in harms way. And if you are in harms way, then you can be thankful that you’ve been protected so far.

Remember, whatever you ‘thank’ in your life, you attract more of.

This is a simple principle. It is one that is easy to try.

I challenge you to try it beginning today. Get started.

Try it for a week. See how you feel. You’ll want to continue.