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Everyday Blessings
July 28, 2014


I took my mother’s new car to get her oil changed yesterday at the place on the southwest corner of West Houston and Tolbert Street. It was the most excellent service I guess I’ve ever encountered. The main technician there is a certified mechanic. A guy, I’m guessing about 30 years old. Lots of tattoos and very knowledgeable about cars. He pointed out that the car would require Dexos oil, a synthetic blend. He got out the car’s manual and showed me that if they didn’t use Dexos, it would void the warranty of the car. He gave me a ton of info about the motor of the car. Where to put oil (always easy to I.D. on top of the motor), where to refill the windshield washer, brake fluid, etc. He let me know that the transmission fluid is sealed and showed me where they would fill it (with a pump) if needed. Talked to me about the brake system. Let me know that Dexos only needs to be changed every 5,000 miles and much more. Inside, as I waited, they offered me a complimentary soft drink. Also, Castrol was doing some kind of give-away for a soccer ball. The guy said he’d send it in for me and to expect it to come via UPS. The place is owned by Ozzy who owns the Sunshine Exxon across the street on Sunset. They vacuumed the front floorboard and cleaned my windshield. They have recently opened and don’t have a lot of business, yet. Oh, before I left, I mentioned that I live in China. He greeted me in Mandarin and also later said ‘goodbye’ to me in Chinese. Very impressive.

After I finished there, I went next door to wash the car. I noticed a very new, beautiful black on black Dodge near me at the vacuum bays. I noticed a very attractive lady doing a very thorough job of cleaning her car. I didn’t stare at her (my mother and father raised me better than that , but I certainly did notice the car. Very nice. She noticed me looking her way and smiled and said ‘hello.’ I greeted her back and told her that she was doing a great job of cleaning the car. I said, “I’ve never seen a woman attack a car so much while cleaning it.” She laughed and said, “Well, this is how I roll.” We both laughed. I mentioned that the tires were dressed well. She told me that she used ArmorAll and offered to let me use it on my mom’s car. I declined but thanked her for her offer. Interestingly enough, I could tell she wanted to talk. So she asked about ‘my’ car. I told her that it is my mother’s car and I was visiting my mother and tried to do what I could to help her out. She said, “Ahhhhh, good man.” I laughed and said, “I think so.” She then asked me where I live and I told her, “China.” Of course she was intrigued and we talked a lot longer. I noticed a baby seat in the back and asked her if she had a child. She did and told me all about her baby. She said that she has a 8 month old girl but that her husband had been killed in truck driving accident in Missouri shortly after the little girl was born. I gave her my condolences. She thanked me and told me that she would make a great life for her and her child. I said, “I can tell that you approach life with a positive attitude.” She did and started quoting Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. She said they both helped her get through what she’s gone through. We talked longer, but was definitely able to share a lot of faith and happiness.

It is interesting that when you choose to look at the world in a positive, caring and loving way, you attract others who are the same. My experiences with people and life are quite positive the vast majority of the time. I think it is due to my choosing a positive attitude and, my love for people. When you have a positive attitude, things go better for you. I’ve proved this time and time again and am convinced of its truth.