Attitude Training, Part 2
October 23, 2007

If you’ve ever been to the Royal Gorge and crossed
the suspension bridge, you either got over any fear
of heights that you have or you got off the bridge.

Just outside of Canon City, Colorado, with a width
of 50 feet at its base and a few hundred feet at its
top, and a depth of 1200 feet in some places, the
Arkansas River has created a true wonder.

While crossing it, the greatest temptation is to at
least take a small rock and drop it over the side.

The depth is so great, you actually never see it hit
the river below.

Part of our adopted attitude in life must be one of
‘letting go’. I like to say that your personal attitude
must be both adopted and adapted to your perpetual
thinking. It must become an automatic response to
the way that you filter life.

Our tour guide at the great crevasse there in
the beautiful natural surroundings in Southern
Colorado told us not to drop any object off of
the bridge as walked across. If his instruction
was not enough, there are over a dozen sign
posted on the railing on both sides.

One family had 3 very high ‘spirited’ kids. The
temptation appeared to be far too great for these
children. I observed them dropping small pebbles
through the cracks of the wooden planks of the

One of the greatest temptations that we all face
in life is hang on to past hurts, residual pain and
grudges of things that have no longer any direct
effect on our lives.

We hold on to memories where we feel as if were
have been wronged with an almost sacred adoration.

Sadly we allow such hurts to not happen just
once, but by the constant mental review and
rehearsal of damaging emotions. We live those
single occurrences over and over until they
become deeply embedded in our subconscious.

One of the most dynamic exercises in releasing
past hurts is to visualize your deliverance from
the event. I want to share with you a technique
that many have used to release their thoughts
and emotions from the lingering unresolved
anguish from such emotions.

Let’s travel back for just a moment to the
Royal Gorge. Imagine a rather large rock
14-18 inches in diameter, weighing 40-50 lbs.

Visualize yourself standing at the very center
of the suspension bridge. You look down
and the Arkansas River looks no wider
than a few centimeters 1200 feet below.

See and feel yourself struggle to
carry this rock to the middle of the bridge.
You strain as you exert all of your energy
lifting that rock to the top of the guard rail.

Now, as you stand there resting the rock
on top of the guardrail, take a good long
look at the rock. Picture a symbol that
represents that event (a person’s
face, a specific location, even the emotion
itself) on the side of that rock. In fact, allow
yourself to imagine whatever you associate
with the pain that you’ve carried from the
hurt, to be thoroughly embedded in that

Once you allow yourself to feel the emotion
of the hurt, embedded in that rock, lift it
as high over your head as possible. Now,
with all the emotion that you can muster,
throw that rock into the deep gorge.

Step to the rail and watch it as it grows
ever smaller as it is cast down until it
is no longer visible. Notice how you feel
as it falls. Release. Freedom.

Now, take a very deep breath recognizing
that the pain of that event is now gone from
your life. Breathe very deeply. Allow a smile
to come across your face. Allow the emotion
of freedom to well up inside of your heart.

Friend, the residue of unresolved emotions
can hinder your from success in business,
in relationships, in your own clarity of
mind, in intellectual pursuits and in your own
spiritual quest. It can so cloud yourself to
attitudes and actions that will cause you
further pain.

Repeat this exercise as often you need to.

Choose to cast hurts, disappointments and
scars from the past to be cast out of your

Stop reliving an event that happened
once. There is no law or written rule that
says you have to live with it forever.

Lastly, there certainly is no reward in
living with the past for the rest of your life.

The false sense that somehow that you
will eventually get satisfaction in harboring
unabated past hurts is an impostor that will
rob you of the happiness and success that
you deserve.

Cast it out of your life and free yourself
from it. It will brighten your perspective
of life and give you the freedom that you
truly long for.

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Attitude Training, Part 3
October 23, 2007

When you adopt the attitude of choosing to
let go of negative events, people and emotions
from the past, you are actually making room
for more positive and beneficial events, people
and emotions to fill your life.

Out with the old and in with the new. The hinge
on which the door to your better future is the
amazing power of choice. And the choices
that you available to you are based solely on
your perspective.

On the now world famous DVD, ‘The Secret’,
the great Bob Proctor begins by stating that,
‘you can have anything you want’. Many people
will take issue with Bob and go on to attempt to
prove that their choices are limited.

I recently was called upon as a character witness
in a wrongful death, malpractice lawsuit against
a trauma surgeon. When the plaintiff’s attorney
called, he asked when I would be available for
depositions. We set up a time where he and the
doctor’s attorney would ask me questions.

As I sat there giving the depositions and later
while testifying on the witness stand, I was
very aware of how people acquire the mindsets
and attitudes that they own. They take depositions.

They serve as prosecuting, accusing and even
defense witnesses for their own experience of life.

Our attitude is based on how what think. It is consists
on what we choose to focus upon and what filters
we look through. Those filters and focus are established
by what we expose our mind to through words.

Do you remember ‘The Little Engine Who Could’? It
was a popular book when I was a child. Though we
didn’t have a lot of material possessions, we do own
one of these books.

The little engine couldn’t climb the hill until it started
saying that it could. In the example of the depositions,
the little engine was giving witness to build its case
for what it was able to do. It was giving testimony to
prove a case.

The late great Henry Ford said, ‘If you think that you
can do a certain thing or if you believe that you can’t,
either way, you are right.’ Belief is established by
what you hear. Give testimony that says that you
can’t do whatever you choose and you will prove
your case. Give testimony that you can and you
will also prove your case.

You can choose your attitude today. You have within
you an amazing power to think whatever you want to

The stubborn and defiant little boy is standing up in
the classroom while all the other students are seated.
The teacher says to him, ‘You must sit down’. He
refuses and tells her emphatically, ‘No!’

Again, she tells him to take his seat. He again refuses.

Finally, she tells him that if he doesn’t sit down then
she would take him to the principals office and
he would be a ‘big trouble’.

Finally he relents and plops down in his seat.

Another little boy sitting nearby laughs at him.
The defiant little boy says to all those around
him, “I might be sitting down on the outside;
but on the inside, I’m still standing up”.

Your attitude is an ‘inside job’. You choose what
you focus on. You choose your internal language.
You choose the good or the bad. You choose the
empowering or the disempowering. You choose
to believe in your abilities and your outcomes
in life. Or you choose to complacently allow
your attitude to default to the negative.

Make your choice today to start choosing to
focus on the outcomes in life you want. Like the
the little engine, you will find that life will be
much more rewarding, satisfying and adventurous
when you do.
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Attitude Training, Part 4
October 23, 2007

So how does a tall, skinny kid who was an
emotional misfit turn his life around and
begin to live his dreams?

Coach McCord asked me that question. He
had a long history as a teacher who helped
to fashion the character and feed the knowledge
of seventh and eighth grade kids in the small
Northeast Texas town where I grew up.

I ran into ‘Coach’ and his wife recently at a
local restaurant in my hometown (she happened
to be my first grade teacher and back then,
I had this amazing crush on her; glad ‘Coach’
never knew my secret).

‘Coach’ was the first person to ever acknowledge
my value as a human being.

During the eighth grade year, after one of the
very grueling football practices of the very
hot and sweltering days of early September,
‘Coach’ had us doing sprints due to some of the bad
behavior of 2-3 players on the team.

After nearly dying in the Texas heat and sultry
humidity, I sat in the locker room attempting to
catch my breath. Being the 14 year old ‘genius’
that I was, I boldly declared to my other team
mates that, ‘I don’t think its fair that all of us
are punished because of the stupidity of just
a few.’

Little did I realize, ‘Coach’ was standing right
behind me. He quickly said, ‘Murphy, I need to
see you in my office.’ Ah carramba! I was in

‘Coach’ kept it short and to the point. He simply
said, ‘Murphy, if you don’t like the way I run this
team, then quit! Now, get out of my sight.’

Well, I wasn’t about to quit. So I decided to
adjust my attitude.

At the end of the season, when ‘Coach’ was
handing out the awards for certain accomplishments,
‘Coach’ said, ‘I have one award for one player who is
without doubt the most improved player on this team
this season. I’m giving this award to Michael Murphy.’

I had never been acknowledged for any accomplishment
up until that moment in my life. I didn’t know what
incredible pride and deep emotion I would feel when
given that kind of public recognition and encouragement.

When I saw ‘Coach’ eating lunch recently, he gave me
the biggest hug and let know again how proud he was of
me now as a 48 year old man. He had bought and read
my books.

I could see in his eyes a question that he had a question
but didn’t want to ask. So, discerning what he was asking
with his eyes, I rightfully finished what needed to be
said that day. I told him that he played a large part in
everything that I’ve accomplished in my life. Those
words garnered another hug from ‘Coach’ and his

My friend, never underestimate the power of encouragement.
I believe that the thinking when I was a child was
predominantly, ‘Don’t brag on them too much; you’ll give
them a big head and ruin them’. Well, nothing could
have been further from reality.

I recently read about the most expensive car on the
market today. It is likely the Bugatti Veyron. At
1,001 horsepower it has a zero-to-60 time of under
three seconds. It sells for around $1.2 million. (To
give you some perspective, you could buy 6 Lamborghini
Gallardos for the same amount of money.)

They produce so few of them, their waiting list can be
quite long and it could be 3-5 years for those who can
afford one.

One of the biggest secrets in producing such a fast
car is the turbo-charged nature of the engine. Simply
put, there are four turbo chargers pushing enough air
which in turn forces massive amounts of fuel into the

Likewise, you can propel a tall, skinny, low self-
esteem teenager into being, doing and having things
‘he’ would have never imagined for his life
with encouraging and empowering words
(breath or air). Think about it.

Your belief system is established by the
words you’ve allowed to set up resident in
your subconscious mind. Your belief system
will produce the actions you take in your life.
Your actions will always determine your
results and what you get out of life.

So, how do you turn a tall, skinny, low self-
esteemed teenager into an author of some
renown and a soul that positively affects
tens of thousands of people around the world?

You do it by feeding him the right words. By
breathing the right air into him. You
do it by him choosing to focus on the right
thoughts. You do it by setting verbal milestones
of empowerment and encouragement in his

Like the little engine that could which I mentioned
in my last article, he repeats what he believes
about himself until what he believes becomes
his reality.

Consider doing a couple of things.

First, consider encouraging someone today.

It may or may not be a teenager. But do it for
someone and do it today.

Second, if you have no one to force or even give
‘turbo charged’ encouragement to you, then choose
to empower yourself. The greatest voice that will
determine your future in your life is your own.

Start saying, thinking and meditating on things that
will empower you. Start training your subconscious
mind to deliver success into your reality of life.

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Attitude Training, Part 5
October 23, 2007

Can you imagine a gnat on the backside
(as Forrest Gump called it, ‘Ma buttocks!’)
of an elephant? I mean a gnat can
certainly be annoying if it is flying around
you head. Especially in your face. But,
as you can imagine, it is little consequence
on an elephant’s ‘buttocks’.

Have you ever been walking down the
street and a little tiny dog charge at you
like it was a police dog chasing down a
thief (like you’ve seen on those cop shows
on television)? I mean if it is a little
chihuahua, you might at first be startled
but then you realize that it couldn’t hurt
a fly?

Part of the aspects of a powerful attitude
for success is what I call, ‘Success Armor’.
Let me explain.

Invariably in your life, you will experience
rainy days. Likewise, you will also experience
someone who doesn’t like you. For reasons
you could never dream of, they just don’t
care for you. And then sometimes, for
‘no reason at all’ you cross the path of people
like that.

Another huge caution sign, blinking your
face, that I should share with you is,
the more success you experience, the
bigger target you become. When you
experience success, money or fame,
you set yourself up as a target for people
who are frustrated with they own lack.

Like the next conflict to arise in Congress,
you can count on it. You can also count on
it not being too far away from happening.

So WHEN this happens, what do you do?

I love the books and teachings of a fellow
Texan, Jerry Clark. Jerry teaches a concept
called, ‘Rhino Success’. Like a rhinoceros
charging through the jungle, you can live
your life undaunted by those who don’t
understand what you’re about.

Part of your powerful attitude for
success, must be that you have a
plan in order to deal with opposition
from other people. In fact, as a
side note here, the difference between
reacting and responding is having a

First, be completely aware that unwarranted
challenges will present themselves to you
through other people. Its going to happen.

Second, realize that those who might be
jealous and/or envious of you are in
fact dealing with themselves, not you.

I know that it is difficult to see this
sometimes, but this is in fact what
they are doing.

They are seeking a feeling. They are
attempting to ‘scratch an itch’ deep
within their mind and emotions. You can
rest assured that they have no clue as to
what they are doing. They truly believe
that their job in life is ‘set you straight’
or get you fixed.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has an amazing attitude
when it comes to people attacking him.
Dr. Dyer says, “What you think about me
is none of my business”.

Dr. Dyer goes on to teach that, ‘we don’t
see others as THEY are; we see others as
WE are’.

Like the chihuahua, they are really harmless
in their verbal attacks or schemes that
they enact against you. In rare situations
a person like this can attempt something
extreme that definitely needs to be dealt with.

However, much of the time, whatever they
do can do no more than hurt your feelings
(unless you’ve prepared yourself for such).

Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor, had,
some of the greatest and wisest perspectives
of living that I’ve ever witnessed.

He said that people who act unbecoming need
not be opposed (except in the extreme situations
that I mentioned earlier). He said their suffering
for being that way is already enough punishment.
I interpret that to be that they are already suffering
due to their own lack of self-esteem, confidence or

Prepare yourself for just such personal attacks.

Deal with such attacks, in your own heart and
mind, with wisdom and understanding.

Recognize that ultimately the attack likely has
little consequence other than hurting your feelings.

Decide today that you are going to build a
rhino-like success armor for staying focus even when
attacked, challenged or criticized.
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Original Law Of Attraction Book
October 23, 2007

I just finished reading a book written in 1906. It is one of the most direct and concise books on the Law of Attraction that I’ve ever read. In fact, the first chapter title is called, ‘The Law of Attraction’. It is only 54 pages as an ebook.

The author goes into the explanation regarding frequencies which exist that are beyond our human perception. For example, a dog can hear sounds that humans cannot. A dog can pick up scents that humans cannot.

Recently, scientists discovered that the Hubble Telescope was picking up a sound from the universe. It was a sound that is an E flat, 32 octaves below middle C on a piano keyboard. Some people of Jewish or Christian faith suggested that this sound was last echo of the voice of God. Hmmm…..may be.

(There are several articles regarding sounds coming from the universe. Here is one link you might want to check out.

This particular article talks about a sound found in a black hole that is emitting the drone of a frequency of a B flat, 57 octaves below Middle C. )

Nonetheless, the universe is emitting this sound, vibration.

If you see your mind (I actually see it as my whole body) as a satellite dish that can both send and receive sound, you will get an idea of how thought vibrations are emitted.

The human ear can hear sounds with frequencies no more than 1/20th of a second. The human range of frequencies heard is from 20 Hz to 15,000 Hz (one hertz equals one cycle per second).

The author’s point is that a vast array of sounds exist that cannot be heard with the human ear. Obviously, sound waves are passing by us all of the time in the form of radio signals. If you tune your radio to 680 AM, then your tuner and detector amplify sound into your speakers. You can’t walk around ‘hearing’ radio signals as they pass through the air. Nonetheless, they are still there.

Though brains waves can be measured, we have yet to discover how to measure the vibrations of thoughts. Even though we cannot hear them and though they cannot be measured, we still know that they exist.

How many times have you ever answered your telephone while just 5 minutes before you answered it, you were thinking about the person who called? How many times has your telephone rang when you were about to call the very person who was now calling you? How many times have you struck up conversation with someone who says the very thing that you’ve been thinking about lately or just prior to them bringing it up? How many times have you heard someone, perhaps on the radio or in a religious service, who said something that was exactly what you had thought about recently? How many times have you gone somewhere and felt that you’ve been there before?

All of these examples are not just mystical, esoteric ‘coincidences’. We use the word ‘coincidence’ in order to explain something that we don’t presently understand or at least, cannot explain. Nonetheless, they are still very ‘real’ in our multi dimensional world.

Back to the classic Law of Attraction book. I learned more from this simple book on the Law of Attraction than from anything else I’ve ever seen. The writer, William Walker Atkinson, made his discoveries after several personal setbacks in his own life. His quest to find answers to his personal dilemma helped him to arrive at the understandings that we all know now regarding this Law.

I’ve provided a special link in order for anyone to receive this book in electronic form for free. Just go to my website at and you will find instructions on how to get it.

I am confident that you will gain a thorough knowledge and grasp the understanding of the law of attraction and how it works in your life in a matter of a few minutes. It is like having Cliff Notes on the law of attraction and how to put it to work in your life.