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Attitude Training, Part 5
October 23, 2007

Can you imagine a gnat on the backside
(as Forrest Gump called it, ‘Ma buttocks!’)
of an elephant? I mean a gnat can
certainly be annoying if it is flying around
you head. Especially in your face. But,
as you can imagine, it is little consequence
on an elephant’s ‘buttocks’.

Have you ever been walking down the
street and a little tiny dog charge at you
like it was a police dog chasing down a
thief (like you’ve seen on those cop shows
on television)? I mean if it is a little
chihuahua, you might at first be startled
but then you realize that it couldn’t hurt
a fly?

Part of the aspects of a powerful attitude
for success is what I call, ‘Success Armor’.
Let me explain.

Invariably in your life, you will experience
rainy days. Likewise, you will also experience
someone who doesn’t like you. For reasons
you could never dream of, they just don’t
care for you. And then sometimes, for
‘no reason at all’ you cross the path of people
like that.

Another huge caution sign, blinking your
face, that I should share with you is,
the more success you experience, the
bigger target you become. When you
experience success, money or fame,
you set yourself up as a target for people
who are frustrated with they own lack.

Like the next conflict to arise in Congress,
you can count on it. You can also count on
it not being too far away from happening.

So WHEN this happens, what do you do?

I love the books and teachings of a fellow
Texan, Jerry Clark. Jerry teaches a concept
called, ‘Rhino Success’. Like a rhinoceros
charging through the jungle, you can live
your life undaunted by those who don’t
understand what you’re about.

Part of your powerful attitude for
success, must be that you have a
plan in order to deal with opposition
from other people. In fact, as a
side note here, the difference between
reacting and responding is having a

First, be completely aware that unwarranted
challenges will present themselves to you
through other people. Its going to happen.

Second, realize that those who might be
jealous and/or envious of you are in
fact dealing with themselves, not you.

I know that it is difficult to see this
sometimes, but this is in fact what
they are doing.

They are seeking a feeling. They are
attempting to ‘scratch an itch’ deep
within their mind and emotions. You can
rest assured that they have no clue as to
what they are doing. They truly believe
that their job in life is ‘set you straight’
or get you fixed.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has an amazing attitude
when it comes to people attacking him.
Dr. Dyer says, “What you think about me
is none of my business”.

Dr. Dyer goes on to teach that, ‘we don’t
see others as THEY are; we see others as
WE are’.

Like the chihuahua, they are really harmless
in their verbal attacks or schemes that
they enact against you. In rare situations
a person like this can attempt something
extreme that definitely needs to be dealt with.

However, much of the time, whatever they
do can do no more than hurt your feelings
(unless you’ve prepared yourself for such).

Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor, had,
some of the greatest and wisest perspectives
of living that I’ve ever witnessed.

He said that people who act unbecoming need
not be opposed (except in the extreme situations
that I mentioned earlier). He said their suffering
for being that way is already enough punishment.
I interpret that to be that they are already suffering
due to their own lack of self-esteem, confidence or

Prepare yourself for just such personal attacks.

Deal with such attacks, in your own heart and
mind, with wisdom and understanding.

Recognize that ultimately the attack likely has
little consequence other than hurting your feelings.

Decide today that you are going to build a
rhino-like success armor for staying focus even when
attacked, challenged or criticized.
When you are ready to engage your personal, success
power at warp speed, go to


Original Law Of Attraction Book
October 23, 2007

I just finished reading a book written in 1906. It is one of the most direct and concise books on the Law of Attraction that I’ve ever read. In fact, the first chapter title is called, ‘The Law of Attraction’. It is only 54 pages as an ebook.

The author goes into the explanation regarding frequencies which exist that are beyond our human perception. For example, a dog can hear sounds that humans cannot. A dog can pick up scents that humans cannot.

Recently, scientists discovered that the Hubble Telescope was picking up a sound from the universe. It was a sound that is an E flat, 32 octaves below middle C on a piano keyboard. Some people of Jewish or Christian faith suggested that this sound was last echo of the voice of God. Hmmm…..may be.

(There are several articles regarding sounds coming from the universe. Here is one link you might want to check out.

This particular article talks about a sound found in a black hole that is emitting the drone of a frequency of a B flat, 57 octaves below Middle C. )

Nonetheless, the universe is emitting this sound, vibration.

If you see your mind (I actually see it as my whole body) as a satellite dish that can both send and receive sound, you will get an idea of how thought vibrations are emitted.

The human ear can hear sounds with frequencies no more than 1/20th of a second. The human range of frequencies heard is from 20 Hz to 15,000 Hz (one hertz equals one cycle per second).

The author’s point is that a vast array of sounds exist that cannot be heard with the human ear. Obviously, sound waves are passing by us all of the time in the form of radio signals. If you tune your radio to 680 AM, then your tuner and detector amplify sound into your speakers. You can’t walk around ‘hearing’ radio signals as they pass through the air. Nonetheless, they are still there.

Though brains waves can be measured, we have yet to discover how to measure the vibrations of thoughts. Even though we cannot hear them and though they cannot be measured, we still know that they exist.

How many times have you ever answered your telephone while just 5 minutes before you answered it, you were thinking about the person who called? How many times has your telephone rang when you were about to call the very person who was now calling you? How many times have you struck up conversation with someone who says the very thing that you’ve been thinking about lately or just prior to them bringing it up? How many times have you heard someone, perhaps on the radio or in a religious service, who said something that was exactly what you had thought about recently? How many times have you gone somewhere and felt that you’ve been there before?

All of these examples are not just mystical, esoteric ‘coincidences’. We use the word ‘coincidence’ in order to explain something that we don’t presently understand or at least, cannot explain. Nonetheless, they are still very ‘real’ in our multi dimensional world.

Back to the classic Law of Attraction book. I learned more from this simple book on the Law of Attraction than from anything else I’ve ever seen. The writer, William Walker Atkinson, made his discoveries after several personal setbacks in his own life. His quest to find answers to his personal dilemma helped him to arrive at the understandings that we all know now regarding this Law.

I’ve provided a special link in order for anyone to receive this book in electronic form for free. Just go to my website at and you will find instructions on how to get it.

I am confident that you will gain a thorough knowledge and grasp the understanding of the law of attraction and how it works in your life in a matter of a few minutes. It is like having Cliff Notes on the law of attraction and how to put it to work in your life.

Using High Tech for High Touch
October 23, 2007

This article will be appearing in a national news publication soon.

Self Help Using High Tech for High Touch

With the concern that the astounding advancements in high technology would take us away from community and personal touch, the success of online social networks, such as and have proven the opposite. These two online ‘e-connecting’ forums are now being ranked just below Yahoo and Google in number of pages viewed per day. Likewise, email, chat and in various other ways, we’ve made the world a smaller place with the connections and plethora of friends we are able to make. Another recent report reflected the reality that our online friends have little to no negative effect on our offline social networks.

One author and motivational speaker has found a way to use two different means of ‘high tech’ in order to achieve ‘high touch’. Michael Murphy has discovered two means by which he can retain ‘high touch’ by utilizing two currently available technologies. Michael bills himself as an ‘inspirational, encouragement and personal empowerment coach’.

He has also authored two books that feature ‘you, by name’ on not only the cover of the book but throughout its text. In fact, your name appears on every one of the over 100 pages of his book, Powerfirmations and on over 200 pages of his faith based book. Murphy states, “In all of my continued research on personalized self empowerment books for adults, I am the only one that I’ve been able to find in the world who is doing this.”

Michael began in February of 2006 shortly after the death of his 54 year old aunt, Nancy Hazlewood. As he says, “Nancy was an inspiration and tireless encourager to everyone she connected with. She was what I consider, a ‘natural born encourager’. After two failed marriages and several attempts at business success, my uncle met and married Nancy back in the early 80s. In addition to proving to be an incredible companion for him, she inspired him to become a multi-millionaire, retiring at the age of 47.

She spent her days making sure that everyone who crossed her path felt her encouragement and her belief in them. She wanted people to know that someone knew that ‘they’ had dreams and hopes for themselves and their families. She wanted to ignite within them the fire that can only come when someone acknowledges your value as a human being. Nancy was the type that would boldly encourage everyone from the waitress at the restaurant with 3 kids and no other means of support, to her world renown doctors as they attempted to treat her for adrenal cancer; one of the rarest forms of cancer in the U.S.”

Upon her death, Murphy decided to go online and through an email autoresponder (a program that allows systematic pre-written emails to go to opt-in subscribers on set schedule), he would directly encourage others to believe in their dreams and try to empower them to set and reach their goals. Murphy would collect subscriber’s first and last names and their email address. He would then enter them into his autoresponder database and they would begin to receive direct and powerful encouragement through personal affirmations that he had written. The true power in what he was able to accomplish was that the subscriber’s name would be embedded in the email and more specifically, directly in the affirmation itself. This technology is called, dynamic content.

Dynamic content has been used by various advertisers for many years. Most of us remember it best from the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes promotions received through regular mail. You would receive a piece of mail from them and it would have your name in bold lettering followed by the words which described you as a winner. This technology is now readily available in most online autoresponder programs. Michael envisioned it and now uses it to give very direct and personal empowerment to his subscribers.

Murphy gives his subscribers direct encouragement by reminding them of their power to dream, to live their dreams, to take action, to believe in themselves, to think positive thoughts, to recognize their personal value, to acknowledge their gifts and talents and more.

Murphy says that once he began being a ‘personal encouragement coach’ for his subscribers, he quickly realized how desperately people needed this in their lives. In fact, his subscribership exploded. Within 6 months, he had over 140,000 subscribers from around the world.

I knew what was happening and what people needed even before I saw these massive numbers of people coming on to my list. I received an email from a man in Africa who was going into the villages at night to gather up all of the children in order to bring them into a safe haven at his orphanage in the city to protect them from being kidnapped by the local warlords. These warlords take these children and make killers of out them. This guy had an unimaginable job and simply needed some encouragement. He had email access and through it, I was able to give him the empowerment to continue doing what he was doing in saving children’s lives”, says Murphy. Murphy has received thousands of emails from people who are starving for someone to encourage them.

Last summer, Murphy connected with one of his subscribers, Joyce Shafer. Joyce is a native of Louisiana who now lives in Brooklyn, New York and freelances as a book editor. Shafer and Murphy discussed books each had written and self published. She asked Murphy if he had ever heard of, a very successful online ‘print on demand’ publisher. Murphy acknowledged that he had heard of ‘print on demand’ publishing, yet he didn’t know much about it nor had he ever heard of Shafer described it for him and Murphy decided to check it out.

As I was going through the process that Lulu’s website takes you through in getting a book entered into their system and printed, I realized that I had now had found the source of doing something that I had wanted to do for over 20 years. I had always envisioned doing books that embedded the reader’s name directly into the print, just as I was now doing through the email service. I knew how empowering it would be to have a book that was written for you and to you. Especially a book of affirmations and/or written devotions. I had once taken various quotes and spiritual passages and using a word processor, I embedded my name in lines of verse. Quotes, positive scriptures and affirmations are very empowering when used on a daily repetitive basis. When you see your name embedded in them, then it takes personal empowerment to a stratospheric level.”

Murphy contacted Lulu and told them of his desire to make personalized books. Lulu had never recognized their own capabilities to do such a thing. Murphy described to them what he wanted to do and asked them if it could be done. After much discussion, Lulu told him that it could and then instructed him how to do it. With a few adjustments, Murphy could now put into a bound book form what he was doing for others around the world through email. Using Lulu’s ‘print on demand’ abilities and Sun Microsystems’ Open Office Writer, Murphy established a process to complete each book.

As Murphy continues encouraging and inspiring over 100,000 subscribers to his thrice weekly emails, he also has sold over 1,700 Powerfirmations books. He claims that the first of his clients were those numbered among success experts, authors, pro athletes and a few other celebrities.

Murphy, being a former minister, has now written and publishes personalized books for people of faith called, Faithfirmations. These too have been a huge hit and he is finding a whole new market and community of people to encourage.

High tech and high touch do not have to be mutually exclusive. Michael Murphy has proven that you can use one in order to achieve the other and in the process, affect tens of thousands of lives in a positive way.

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