How to Enact the Power To Attract Your Dreams

The amazing DVD of ‘The Secret’ has now played in its entirety in my laptop at least 100 times. It is surely set to be one of the greatest (if not ‘the greatest’) and best selling DVDs in history.

As I have watched this powerful presentation, I’ve sought to identify the major key in enacting this universal law in anyone’s life.

The major key that I discoverd is the legendary message and proverb, ‘As you think, so you, get, become, attract, experience and enjoy’.

The secondary key, yet absolutely essential is, ‘your emotions is the power in determining how fast you will attract’. In fact, several of the teachers such as Dr. Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield and John Assaraf all agreed that the emotion is even more vital than the thinking.

Nevertheless, thinking always precedes and evokes emotions. So how you think will result in how you feel. How you feel will result in what you get in your life.

Most people find it difficult to get their thinking consistently positive and focus upon what they want to attract into their lives. In my coaching, lecturing and consulting work, I find thise is the biggest struggle that most people experience.

Consistent thoughts must line up with consistent actions in order to produce consistent results. This involves daily disciplines and habits.

You may be saying to yourself, ‘that is exactly the problem that I experience in doing all that the ‘The Secret’ tells me is required for me to live my dreams and love my life. But what I need is someone to take me by the hand and help me get it done.’

Several years ago, I was feeling depressed about not having anyone in my life to encourage me. I had heard the testimonies of so many successful people. They talked about how their parent, a coach or teach or a husband or wife had believed in them and encouraged them to live their dreams. I looked at my life and realized I had no one to do that for me. I’ve since discovered that their a tens of thousands of people who were just like me.

One day, I was having one of negative ‘brooding’, self pity sessions. In the midst of me wallowing in this emotional cesspool, I heard a silent voice from within. This voice let me know that I do have some one to encourage me. I do have someone who can and wants to believe in me.

I realized that the voice that I sought was less than six inches away from ear all of the time. I realized that the ‘someone’ that I had looked for to belive in me, WAS ME! The voice of encouragement that I longed for, WAS MY VOICE!

I started treating myself as if I was my own coach. I started telling myself, ‘Michael, you can do anything that you set your mind to do. Michael, you do have awesome power to live your dreams now. Michael, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, YOU CAN ACHIEVE!’

I thought of everything that I had always wanted someone to say to me and start systematically saying it to myself. I discovered what I needed to take me ‘over the top’ and help me live my dreams.

For over twenty years, I also dreamed of having a book that I could carry with me that would be instantly empowering for me.
I wanted a book that tole ME how awesome I was. I wanted something that encouraged ME to pursue and live my dreams.

It was not until 20 years later that I finally found that book. In fact, I wrote the book. I wrote out powerful affirmations and embedded MY NAME in every one of them. I wrote a book that said, ‘Michael, you possess personal power now. Michael Murphy is awesome and can achieve what others think is impossible. Michael Murphy is wealthy, healthy, powerful and happy in his life’.

I had, what I like to call, a personal success coach and full cheerleading squad with me everywhere I went. When ever I had a free minute, I opened my book and read amazing and empowering things ABOUT ME!

I then published the book for dozens of friends, business partners and other authors that I knew.

To date, I’ve published and printed thousands of these books. They have proven to be the most powerful tool for anyone’s personal success.

You have a voice. You are your own best coach and cheerleader. All you have to do is say empowering words about yourself.

If you need some help, I can help you. Check me out at the link here. Above all, start encouraging yourself and cheering yourself on to greater success.


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