Hold On Tight To Your Dreams

In 1985, I used my first personal computer and subsequent, word processing program. Being a perpetual learner and desiring to further explore self growth and personal empowerment, I had an idea that was realized 21 years later.

I had been an incorrigible teenager growing up in the rebellion and turbulence of the 1970s. Along with many other teenagers, I rebelled against anything that even hinted of ‘establishment’. I spent most of my latter junior high school years and more than half of my high school years, smoking marijuana daily and staying high much of the time.

During my junior year, I had an epiphany of sorts when a minister told me, ‘Michael, nothing is impossible for you in your life’. Those eight words transformed my life and turned me around.

I salvaged as much as I could of the time I had left in high school. I stopped doing drugs and drinking and partying and started focusing on my future.

By the time of graduation, I decided that I would attend college. Because of my poor grades in high school and low entrance exam scores, I was turned down to attend college. Later hurdling some major obstacles I finally was accepted and finished college a few years later.

By 1985, the personal computer had been available for four short years. I was working on my first ‘PC’ while employed at an advertising company owned by my uncle in Dallas, Texas. The first program I began to explore was an early word processing program.

I soon began to see the means of typing in positive affirmations about myself along with certain Biblical promises and embed my name directly into the text. I would then print it out and have a very neatly type tool for my personal edification, self-esteem/confidence and empowerment.

The idea that was soon sparked inside of me wouldn’t be realized for 21 years. I dreamed of having a personalized book, chocked full of positive affirmations with my name embedded in each affirmation. I dreamed of making this book available to others, published one at a time. I knew, much like me, how people needed the power to build their self esteem, confidence, self respect and personal power. I knew of how I could give them something that they had never likely received in their lives.

Several friends and relatives would see me carrying the numerous pages of affirmations and ask me about them. Almost everyone who saw them asked me to make up one for them. I did so until I had gone back into my document of positive and spiritual affirmations and discovered the ‘find and replace’ function to embed their names in place of mine. Then I started making them by the hundreds.

In the fall of 2006, I finished and self-published my first book, ‘Powerful Attitudes’. While speaking with an editor and friend in NYC, she mentioned a certain ‘print on demand’ publisher that I should look into.

I was thinking of how I would get my ‘Powerful Attitudes’ book published. What I didn’t know was that I was about to discover the means to publish the personalized books I had dreamed of 21 years earlier.

I soon took all of my documents of affirmations, categorized them and put them in a formatted document for uploading to this publisher/printer. Within weeks, I had my first bound copy of ‘Powerfirmations’ in my hands. Within months, I had sold over 1,000 copies to totally delighted customers around the world. (I’ve never had one returned and never had a complaint. I do, however, have hundreds of inspiring testimonials from people around the world).

I have since added a faith-based book, I call, ‘Faithfirmations’. It too has been a huge hit.

To date, I am the only author and self-publisher of personalized empowerment books for adults on the planet. I am finally living my dream.

Never ever let go of your dreams. ‘For in due season, you will reap if you do not faint’.




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