Attitude Training, Part 3

When you adopt the attitude of choosing to
let go of negative events, people and emotions
from the past, you are actually making room
for more positive and beneficial events, people
and emotions to fill your life.

Out with the old and in with the new. The hinge
on which the door to your better future is the
amazing power of choice. And the choices
that you available to you are based solely on
your perspective.

On the now world famous DVD, ‘The Secret’,
the great Bob Proctor begins by stating that,
‘you can have anything you want’. Many people
will take issue with Bob and go on to attempt to
prove that their choices are limited.

I recently was called upon as a character witness
in a wrongful death, malpractice lawsuit against
a trauma surgeon. When the plaintiff’s attorney
called, he asked when I would be available for
depositions. We set up a time where he and the
doctor’s attorney would ask me questions.

As I sat there giving the depositions and later
while testifying on the witness stand, I was
very aware of how people acquire the mindsets
and attitudes that they own. They take depositions.

They serve as prosecuting, accusing and even
defense witnesses for their own experience of life.

Our attitude is based on how what think. It is consists
on what we choose to focus upon and what filters
we look through. Those filters and focus are established
by what we expose our mind to through words.

Do you remember ‘The Little Engine Who Could’? It
was a popular book when I was a child. Though we
didn’t have a lot of material possessions, we do own
one of these books.

The little engine couldn’t climb the hill until it started
saying that it could. In the example of the depositions,
the little engine was giving witness to build its case
for what it was able to do. It was giving testimony to
prove a case.

The late great Henry Ford said, ‘If you think that you
can do a certain thing or if you believe that you can’t,
either way, you are right.’ Belief is established by
what you hear. Give testimony that says that you
can’t do whatever you choose and you will prove
your case. Give testimony that you can and you
will also prove your case.

You can choose your attitude today. You have within
you an amazing power to think whatever you want to

The stubborn and defiant little boy is standing up in
the classroom while all the other students are seated.
The teacher says to him, ‘You must sit down’. He
refuses and tells her emphatically, ‘No!’

Again, she tells him to take his seat. He again refuses.

Finally, she tells him that if he doesn’t sit down then
she would take him to the principals office and
he would be a ‘big trouble’.

Finally he relents and plops down in his seat.

Another little boy sitting nearby laughs at him.
The defiant little boy says to all those around
him, “I might be sitting down on the outside;
but on the inside, I’m still standing up”.

Your attitude is an ‘inside job’. You choose what
you focus on. You choose your internal language.
You choose the good or the bad. You choose the
empowering or the disempowering. You choose
to believe in your abilities and your outcomes
in life. Or you choose to complacently allow
your attitude to default to the negative.

Make your choice today to start choosing to
focus on the outcomes in life you want. Like the
the little engine, you will find that life will be
much more rewarding, satisfying and adventurous
when you do.
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