Attitude Training, Part 2

If you’ve ever been to the Royal Gorge and crossed
the suspension bridge, you either got over any fear
of heights that you have or you got off the bridge.

Just outside of Canon City, Colorado, with a width
of 50 feet at its base and a few hundred feet at its
top, and a depth of 1200 feet in some places, the
Arkansas River has created a true wonder.

While crossing it, the greatest temptation is to at
least take a small rock and drop it over the side.

The depth is so great, you actually never see it hit
the river below.

Part of our adopted attitude in life must be one of
‘letting go’. I like to say that your personal attitude
must be both adopted and adapted to your perpetual
thinking. It must become an automatic response to
the way that you filter life.

Our tour guide at the great crevasse there in
the beautiful natural surroundings in Southern
Colorado told us not to drop any object off of
the bridge as walked across. If his instruction
was not enough, there are over a dozen sign
posted on the railing on both sides.

One family had 3 very high ‘spirited’ kids. The
temptation appeared to be far too great for these
children. I observed them dropping small pebbles
through the cracks of the wooden planks of the

One of the greatest temptations that we all face
in life is hang on to past hurts, residual pain and
grudges of things that have no longer any direct
effect on our lives.

We hold on to memories where we feel as if were
have been wronged with an almost sacred adoration.

Sadly we allow such hurts to not happen just
once, but by the constant mental review and
rehearsal of damaging emotions. We live those
single occurrences over and over until they
become deeply embedded in our subconscious.

One of the most dynamic exercises in releasing
past hurts is to visualize your deliverance from
the event. I want to share with you a technique
that many have used to release their thoughts
and emotions from the lingering unresolved
anguish from such emotions.

Let’s travel back for just a moment to the
Royal Gorge. Imagine a rather large rock
14-18 inches in diameter, weighing 40-50 lbs.

Visualize yourself standing at the very center
of the suspension bridge. You look down
and the Arkansas River looks no wider
than a few centimeters 1200 feet below.

See and feel yourself struggle to
carry this rock to the middle of the bridge.
You strain as you exert all of your energy
lifting that rock to the top of the guard rail.

Now, as you stand there resting the rock
on top of the guardrail, take a good long
look at the rock. Picture a symbol that
represents that event (a person’s
face, a specific location, even the emotion
itself) on the side of that rock. In fact, allow
yourself to imagine whatever you associate
with the pain that you’ve carried from the
hurt, to be thoroughly embedded in that

Once you allow yourself to feel the emotion
of the hurt, embedded in that rock, lift it
as high over your head as possible. Now,
with all the emotion that you can muster,
throw that rock into the deep gorge.

Step to the rail and watch it as it grows
ever smaller as it is cast down until it
is no longer visible. Notice how you feel
as it falls. Release. Freedom.

Now, take a very deep breath recognizing
that the pain of that event is now gone from
your life. Breathe very deeply. Allow a smile
to come across your face. Allow the emotion
of freedom to well up inside of your heart.

Friend, the residue of unresolved emotions
can hinder your from success in business,
in relationships, in your own clarity of
mind, in intellectual pursuits and in your own
spiritual quest. It can so cloud yourself to
attitudes and actions that will cause you
further pain.

Repeat this exercise as often you need to.

Choose to cast hurts, disappointments and
scars from the past to be cast out of your

Stop reliving an event that happened
once. There is no law or written rule that
says you have to live with it forever.

Lastly, there certainly is no reward in
living with the past for the rest of your life.

The false sense that somehow that you
will eventually get satisfaction in harboring
unabated past hurts is an impostor that will
rob you of the happiness and success that
you deserve.

Cast it out of your life and free yourself
from it. It will brighten your perspective
of life and give you the freedom that you
truly long for.

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